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Where can i find detailed information about the observatories?

Click on the link and I will take you there! Octans Video

Additionally you can go to the download's page and grab the specification manual! Manuals

How long does it take to ship my order

Once your order is received, starpoint australis will typically ship your product out within three working days. If not we will contact you on the email you provide.

I'm not in Australia - Do you ship internationally?

Starpoint Australis does ship to certain parts of the world. Currently we ship to Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Shipping is pretty high, does Starpoint Australis provide group orders?

Starpoint is working on reducing shipping, but as we are just starting out, this can be a bit challenging. However, we can collaborate with you and a small group to offer direct shipping to individuals. This approach not only offers better costs for the units but also improves shipping costs overall. Please contact us using the form below to discuss further.

I don't have access to a group buy, is there a way to reduce shipping?

Starpoint Australis is actively seeking new ways to reduce shipping, just like you its something that we would rather not charge you the customer at all! So touch base with us so we can discuss shipping options and work together in the interim!

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